Benefits of Learning Management System

  • Manage Users
  • Manage the Roles
  • Create and Maintain the Courses
  • Assign the Instructors
  • Assign the Facilities(Lab/Classrooms)
  • General Statistical Reports
  • Maintain the Course Calende



For Teachers/Facilitators :

Teachers are the primary users of any Learning Management System.  They decide how to optimize the delivery of their subject to the students.There are wide variety of options to chose from: Click here for a demo

  • Web-based course delivery :
    • Video/Audio files
    • Slideshow
    • Excel Worksheets
    • Word Documents
    • Reference URLs
  • Assessment/Testing Capability :
    • Generate and maintain Question Bank
    • Generate Topical Quizes
    • Automated evaluations (non-essay type)
    • Self evaluations of Quizes
    • Monitoring and reporting of Student submissions
    • Practice Question Papers
  • Student messaging and notifications
  • Display scores and transcripts
  • Grading of coursework


For Students :

Students receive their teaching materials, assignments and quizes in an organized manner.  Research has shown that computerized environment can help students stay focussed on the topic during the learning process. Click here for a demo








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